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Walk and Roll In The Name of Freedom, Human Rights, Disabled Rights, ADA, global

On life support, profoundly disabled coming together to advocate for all Disabled Rights, Human Rights, ADA. Making a difference for life!


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CPMC Not a Clean Safe Pkace!

Started by Mrs. Tatiana A Kostanian Oct 1, 2010.

MHONA's Needs and Full Focus

Started by Mrs. Tatiana A Kostanian Jan 12, 2010.


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About MHONA International

Our non-profit was founded in 1962, addressing the needs and issues of our community here in our San Francisco Bay Area, of lives disabled, disabled from violence. A self help group was started for youth to elderly addressing their daily issues and or of a loved one, partner, or family member; victimization of abuse, violence, torture, and the actual issues of disabilities by our member self-help support group members. That community self-help group ran for some 30 years, along with a warm line for those lives profoundly disabled, and on life-support.

From that initial small entity, a non-profit was, for, with and to global lives with disabilities. We were the first entity created by lives directly addressing these issues with more than one disability, lives on life support, lives suffering from local and global violence.

Today the self-help group may have been placed on hold, but the two projects for which this non-profit was born has not faded. May 31, 2009 8am, we will hold our first Global Peace Event, for lives disabled, profoundly disabled, lives on life support, lives incarcerated (all ages) by governments, leaders of nations, nations unsupportive of Human Rights, Disabled Rights, ADA Law. MHONA's purpose, to bring lives addressing any/all issues of disabilities, as well the disabling issues of violence to our lives and the lives of our brothers and sisters around the globe, any age. We are joining together to address issues that confront our lives, our families lives, as well how we are seen by external communities, civilians, youth of today.

Too often we hear about lives of civilians, youth, elderly caught in the most heart rendering issues of life, war zones and or to that of lives being sliced alive for organs, tissues, etc. Many times we are not shared news or understandings of the external world, or invited as a part of external communities, or even of how we feel about life around us.

We wanted to create understanding, that though we remain the most hidden of all societies, have the least follow through for our daily basic needs, housing, food, medical follow through, hospitalization, insurance, most likely the very last to be able to get on most buses and many other needs, BUT,
>we certainly are NOT Silent
. Please, never believe that statement!

We are and remain SILENT no more ! MHONA is here to ask you to join with us ad make it an effective outreach. MHONA stands for you and yours, Many Helpers Outreach Network Affiliates;
Lives locally and globally all ages making a difference in and for life in the time we have left.

We also remain the least interfaced with, internally in our homes or communities, or externally to lives and communities. But, it is not of our choosing, nor do we like having barriers in and or to our lives. We are here to keep alert all communities globally about the need for 'access and inclusion'. Please help us in this very important message.

We hope with this website, you , your loved ones, friends, youth of the globe will help, offer us hope, encourage us, and be there when we need support, if just a word of uplift. Most of all let's promote PEACE.

We also want to encourage our members with disabilities or on life support to keep busy, be involved, know we certainly could use your support and help with what we are doing. So please feel free to share with us and tell us if you as a person with Abilities and willing to help us in any way.

Thanks so much for joining us. Bear with me as well, for I have over seven disabilities, am a dialysis patient, with no match for my blood type. I certainly don't want my disabilities to keep me from offering my best, and or to interfacing with those wanting to offer their persons as well. Up to my last moment I will be here fighting the good fight for you, your loved ones. What will and are you doing, in the name of Peace ?

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to help by offering us a place to meet, a place to allow volunteers to meet and plan, help with our 'Walk and Roll For Independence', etc., or just want to send any kind of support you can post to us at, in the Subject Line: Volunteering
If you want to send support, to MHONA International, mail to: Box 22162 - San Francisco - Ca. For our event we need those who have had prior experience and willing to put your past experiences to helping us this May.

Thank you again.

Tatiana A. Kostanian

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Global Civilians With Heart Desired to Represent You Or a Loved One

Dear PeaceAbledFriends, Abled4Peace,

MHONA Invites Global Civilians, Youth to Elderly who have Faith in our lives.

Be a Friend. Offer one or more of your Abilities for our 1 day event. Join us or for a loved… Continue

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